"Designed to bring the same ease of use to flowsheet drawing and solution that word processors bring to the preparation of text based documents."

Process flowsheets built into a spreadsheet:

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The flowsheet makes an ideal vehicle for:

  • Presentation of survey results

  • Communication of design data

  • Preparation of design data

  • Display of process balance data


The Limn:Solve ‘Simulation Engine’ provides:

  • Balanced flowsheet solutions using your spreadsheet models, the Limn model pack, or model packs from external sources. 

  • Spreadsheet based simulation (without circular references!).

  • Results of simulations saved within the spreadsheet and presented in data blocks on the flowsheet.


Limn may be further enhanced by the addition of domain specific Add-Ins:

  • WizardPack Add-On for Limn – Provides data structures and models for simulation and analysis of mineral, coal and other processing operations
  • THERMO Add-In for Limn and Excel –Provides simple spreadsheet access to a chemical thermodynamics database and calculations

Limn is developed and marketed by:

David Wiseman Pty Ltd

Technical Software and Process Control Applications

ABN 19 063 231 621    

PO Box 94

Blackwood  5051

South Australia


Phone/Fax:  +61 8 83584224   

email: limn@davidwiseman.com.au   

Limn® is an Australian registered trademark of David Wiseman Pty Ltd.

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